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  Recent Additions

Winter, 2016 Family Photos in our condo in Florida 

Nov 13, 2016 Abe Passman photos Portraits

August, 2016 Iceland with the Siegel Family Everyone's photos

June, 2016 New York travels with Sophia Marasco  

March 9, 2016 Alan Ziskin 70th Birthday Party  Naples, Florida

February 6, 2016 Dianne & Leighton's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party  Naples, Florida

December, 2015 California and Minnesota Family   Naples, Florida

December, 2015 Passman Family plus  Naples, Florida

November, 2015 Stonebridge  Our new home

January, 2015 The Early Years  Dianne, Leighton, Pam, Lesli & Jeff

January, 2015 Family Photos Sunset at the Beach in Florida 

January, 2015 Family Photos in our condo in Florida

September 7, 2014 Siegel Woodridge Drive Furnature & Art  for Karlene

September 7, 2014 Eve Passman Soccer Game

July, 2014 Stone 50th Wedding Anniversary Family Snapshots

June, 2014 Siegels and Scolls in Norway and Iceland On another web site

June, 2014 Jordan Passman in Washington DC

June , 2014 Sophia Marasco Dance Recital

June , 2014 Après la Dance
             At the Marascos.
             The first six photos were taken the day before by Andrew Marasco

May 4, 2104  Rolland Walt receives the Tikkun Olam Award
                    for the over 80's from Jewish Senior Life
                    in Oak Park, MI     ( www.jsimi.org )

March 20, 2014 Marj Passman Honored at the FAIR School
             Elders' Wisdom, Children's Song (with Granddaughter Eve Passman)

March 17, 2014 Eve Passman playing Soccer Minnesota

January 2014 Marasco Family taken in Naples, Florida.

January 2014 Jeff and Drea Siegel Family taken in Naples, Florida.

December 2013 Passman Family taken in Naples, Florida.

November 2013 Family Group Photos taken in Minneapolis.

November 9, 2013 Mike Marasco quoted in New York Times Article

Oct. 22, 2013 - Mike Marasco Publication in Crains MBA aversion: The tech world's got a budding case of it — and that's not good

August, 2013 - Brunch Amy and Maury's Brunch at the Siegel's

August, 2013 - Photo Sets: Israel with travel and Jordan's Bar Mitzva

August, 2013: Ireland

July 20, 2013: Ellen Ziskin at Farmers Market

Summer, 2013 Photo Sets: Marasco & Passman Athletics and Dance

2013, Family Photos: Activities over the Summer

Family Related
Charlie's ocean catch
Our Family with us in Florida - Collected Photos
Raif Wexler Bar Mitzvah weekend 
- Feb 2013, The of out of town family
Tucson envornons and the Shelby Steinman - Sean Wesenberg wedding
Tucson and wedding Part 2 - Photos taken by a number of those attending.
Washington DC - August 2012 trip with Abe Passman, Dianne & Leighton Siegel
Fishing in Canada with Jeff and Leighton
- July 2012
- May & June 2012
Family North Shore Lake Superior - August 2011
Adeline's 95th Birthday weekend - July 2011
Dianne's 70th Birthday Weekend June 2011
Family Picnic - August 2010
Sophia the Performer
-Video of our performing grandaughter 2010
Zoe - A granddaugher's baby naming - 2010

Condo - Florida
Siegel-Goodman-Travels  1979-1997

Family History

As of August, 2013,
Ziskin & Siegel Family History & Genealogy
has it's own web site

Family's include: Siegel,  Milavetz,  Ostrin,  Strimling,   Ziskin,   Wilensky,   Rubin,   Levin
Of special interest are historical family records, stories and trees but there is much more.

B'nai Abraham in Virginia, Minnesota

Dianne and I are involved in a project to restore B'nai Abraham, a beautiful, but deteriorating and abandoned, historic building, in Virginia, Minnesota that was once a synagogue. It will be for community cultural activities, exhibits and to house a small museum documenting the history of Jewish settlement on the Iron Range. It is the only synagogue building in Minnesota to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The project is remarkably interesting and worthy of support.  You can learn more at www.IronRangeJewishHeritage.org

Sons of Jacob Cemetery and Monument & Dedication Honoring Jewish Homesteaders in North Dakota
The Garske Colony near Devils Lake, North Dakota was settled by Jewish pioneers beginning in 1883. A dedication took place at the Sons of Jacob Cemetery and Monument Honoring the original Jewish homesteaders near Devils Lake, North Dakota on September 17, 2006.  Dianne's great-grandparents, grandparents and parents came from there & she I worked with others to bring the dedication about.   www.SOJNorthDakota.org

Supported interests, activities and organizations
  These are only a few of many

Rimon The Minnesota Jewish arts Council
Jewish Community Center of the Greater St. Paul Area
Sabes Jewish Community Center Minneapolis area
Mike Rosen Photography A friend and fellow photographer's web site
Pelican Bay Photo Guild A photo club in Pelican Bay, Naples, Fl., our winter residence.(I'm webmaster.)

I was the webmaster for TRACES for a number of years until it's Museumin St. Paul closed on November 28th, 2008.  TRACES is a non-profit educational organization created to gather, preserve and present stories of people from the Midwest and Germany or Austria who encountered each other during World War II. TRACES was transformed into a number of mobile BUSeum exhibits. TRACES "Green" is also working for the future to to protect nature and a sustainable arable land in Iowa as a setting for diverse learning opportunities.